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Our Journey and Commitment

Guiding XRC, LLC through over 20 years of service in Florida, Mathew and Patti Appell started with a simple, powerful goal: ‘Building Your Trust.’

Their journey from modest beginnings to a renowned construction firm reflects their dedication to quality and community. Their work extends beyond construction, contributing to organizations like YouthBuild USA, Habitat for Humanity, and Orlando Magic’s Bo Outlaw Building Restoration.

Mathew’s passion lies in educating young adults in construction trades and creating homes for those in need, reflecting our core values of growth, community service, and trust.

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Core Company Values

Meet the XRC family


Mathew Appell. About Florida

Mathew Appell


Patti Appell. About Florida

Patti Appell

Owner | Director of Finance

Taylor Gragilla. About Florida

Taylor Gragilla

Executive Director

Matt Jr Appell. About Florida

Matt Jr Appell

Director of Sales

Jeffrey White. About Florida

Jeffrey White

Production Manager

XRC Team

Ashley Appell XRC. About Florida

Ashley Appell

Production Coordinator

Missie Rubin XRC. About Florida

Missie Rubin

Permit Coordinator | Insurance Claims Manager

Chris Appell XRC. About Florida

Chris Appell

Project Estimator

Derick Appell. About Florida

Derick Appell

Project Superintendent

Isaac Vaneeckhoutte. About Florida

Isaac Vaneeckhoutte


Simba Casimir. About Florida

Simba Casimir


Harold Lopez. About Florida

Harold Lopez


Xtreme Team

Commercial Contractors Florida. About Florida

Arsenio Gomez

Project Superintendent

Commercial Contractors Florida. About Florida

Adalberto Garcia

Project Superintendent

Bob Fournier XRC. About Florida

Bob Fournier

East Florida Sales Manager

John Cooke XRC. About Florida

John Cooke

Central Florida Sales Manager

Commercial Contractors Florida. About Florida

Angela Cruzado

Customer Care Coordinator

Commercial Contractors Florida. About Florida

Stacy Mulich


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Our Expertise and Projects

Xtreme Projects are where the Appells shine. Showcasing their craftsmanship, sites like Adriatico Trattoria Italiana Restaurant, Burger U on UCF Campus, and Stonewood Grill Tavern stand as testaments to XRC’s skill in custom construction.

Our approach combines resourcefulness and innovation, using state-of-the-art equipment and materials to develop construction methods that are both efficient and cost-effective.

This blend of expertise and innovation is why XRC, LLC is among Florida’s fastest-growing construction companies.